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Investment Plans

We created our project for those, who want to earn money, but do not have time for market monitoring. We will do this work for you! Investment plans of the hedge fund allow choosing the optimal variant of deposit for each investor.

Our objective is trading on the world's largest exchanges. The basic investment portfolio has already been formed and brings a steady income. Our own strategies of risk minimization allow us to guarantee high profits for each investor.

The Standard plans are an affordable and easy way to implement your plans, putting a minimum of effort into this. Thanks to the unique "GrowthRate" system, you can receive your profits and principal deposit at the same time at the end of the investment period.

The VIP plans offer a great opportunity to begin your own path towards actualizing your most ambitious desires and conquer new horizons. One of the indisputable advantages of VIP plans is the short-term investment period, the full amount of interest included the principal deposit paid each day. So you get the opportunity to use the lump sum for your great accomplishments.

* All interest accruals on deposits are made on working days (from Monday to Friday).
* Accruals are made every 24 hours since the opening of the investment.

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